Yearly Archive:: 2014

21 Aug 2014

Photographing Food: How To Do It Like A Pro

We’ve snapped a shot of a delicious meals we were about to eat, right? You probably just got out your iPhone, took a quick pic, and posted it to Instagram. Chances are, that photo was low quality
30 Jul 2014

Taking Great Portraits

A staple of photography and something that sets good photographers apart from great ones is their ability to take a portrait shot. But it’s not supposed to be like the old school portraits where everyone looks the
28 Jul 2014

The Latest Photography Trends in 2014

Remember when Instagram was starting to gain in popularity, and filters were being used left and right? Or, that literally EVERYONE takes a selfie now? How about the obvious helicopter shots to hide wrinkles and fat? Thankfully,
27 Jul 2014

iPhone Photography 101

There are more and more people out there don’t own an actual camera. Especially those who are looking to just get into photography but what most people do have is an iPhone. If you are like most people,
23 Jul 2014

Lighting Basics: The 3 Types of Lighting

Have you ever seen someone’s photograph that you loved and wished to replicate it and then you were left thinking, “That picture is just too dark”? Or maybe it casted a weird shadow on a face that
23 Jul 2014

10 Tips To Take Great Photographs

Are you a photography novice, taking photographs as a hobby? Have you been a professional photographer for years? Either way, you could always learn something new when it comes to the art of photography. Whether it be